Day 15 (CwC): Perfectionism sucks

Let go, get more done, and be less anxious

Perfectionism sucks.

I would know because I struggle with it BAD.

Perfectionists fear that they'll let others down. I do all the time. Sometimes I never start something because of the pre-fear that I’ll let someone down.

Ironically, this leads creators to never create. The fear of letting others down is greater than the possible rewards of finishing a project or task.

And perfectionism is an equal-opportunity afflicter. Take high achievers for example.

People that have achieved something great feel the need to live up to their previous achievements. And it’s easy to tell ourselves stories about our achievements.

Here’s how it works …

We’ve all heard this as kids: “work hard in life and you’ll get what you want.”

This works! Most high achievers achieve their big hairy audacious goal early in life.

  • get a scholarship

  • go to that school

  • complete that hard feat

But we discount luck as a major contributing factor in our achievement. We tell ourselves a story that we made it happen all by ourselves. Therefore, we need to continue making it all happen by ourselves.

This is false and harmful. We can't control what happens as a result of our efforts. We can only control our efforts.

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