Day 12 (CwC): Gen Z

The creators of today are the leaders of tomorrow

I’m gonna rant.

Dunking on young people for trying to build generational wealth doing what they love is a bad look. Gen Z is the best of us.

YouTubers will (and already have) change the world.

TikTokers will (and already have) onboard new voters.

Streamers will (and already have) start movements.

They’ll do this all while having fun, building new skills, and working on their craft.

They don’t care about your Social Security. They know it’ll be out by the time they’re in their 30s.

They don’t trust big institutions because they’ve grown up their entire lives being lied to.

They don’t trust talking heads on the news because why would they?

Sure, young people overspend on avocado toast. But at least they won't finance a green lawn mower because their neighbor got a bigger one.

Let’s talk about entrepreneurship.

What young people realize about entrepreneurship is the autonomy it gives you.

They don't want your 401k match or a telephone number to call. They want you to hire good people and provide a substantial fair market salary.

We hear this story too often: "This person in the firm sucks, but they're so senior that no one will do anything about it."

Here's a little secret: client-facing, revenue-generating employees are easy to replace.

Do you know what's not? Talented (and underpaid) young workers.

Let's talk about adversity. Yes, people of my generation and younger don't know what it's like to fight in a war.

But here's how we make up for it:

  • empathy

  • curiosity

  • communication

Sorry if we don't have a tough guy handshake. We're busy worrying about the climate.

While you're busy figuring out why these kids always have a phone in front of their face, young people are building. Making new friends. Embedding themselves digitally. Buying jpegs. Stuffing their (digital) wallets. Trying new things. Testing. Playing.

You're lost, not them.