When To Quit

When should we quit and when should we stick it out?

Perfectionism sucks.

It gets in the way of us pressing [PUBLISH], which is the only way to improve our work, which is hard to do because we don’t want to waste other’s time, which is why we don’t press [PUBLISH]. See? It sucks.

Too often I don’t finish things because I’m afraid that people won’t like it, that it won’t be valuable. Sometimes it stops me from even starting.

Over the past 30 days or so, I've realized I have a poor relationship with failure and in a conversation with my mentor about this poor relationship, they recommended I read The Dip by Seth Godin.

I read it—and straight up—it changed my life.

It’s a short and punchy read that I recommend for anyone, especially if you have fear of failure. It reprogrammed my brain so I can think about quitting from an objective point of view. Quitting isn’t who I am, it’s a choice I make.

Here’s a useful takeaway: learning to quit the right stuff at the right time is a shortcut to getting where you want to go.

The “dip” is that point when the excitement of something new wears off—a hobby, a job, a skill, or even this paid newsletter.

When you’re learning something new, you get excited! You’re occupied by the novelty of it all. You're buying new tools, learning new skills, and meeting interesting people. Each new concept feels like a green light on an empty road.

Then, the crash. You realize that it’ll take a long time to acquire the skills you wish to acquire. After all, becoming a master is a lot of work. Damn.

Learning when and why to work through the dip and surviving the crash is the secret to mastery.

The best creators in the world worked through the dip.

Why not you?

Here’s a quick video summary of The Dip if you’re short on time.

Until tomorrow,

Quick note from the author

This is an experiment I’m running for the next 30 days.

My goals are simple:

1) Improve as a writer (measured by people sharing my work)
2) Meet new friends (measured by Twitter DMs & comments)
3) Figure out what makes a damn good paid newsletter (measured by subscriptions when I launch a paid tier)

This is my workshop. Thanks for stopping by. Bring a friend next time!