(CwC) Day 11 - Writing Online in 2021

The game has changed and the odds are in your favor

I have a few thoughts about writing online in 2021 . . .

Writing: a new definition

Writing no longer means:

  • pen

  • notebook

  • typewriter

Yet, that's the first thing we think of. Instead, think of writing as:

Seriously—the world's best writers use tools you have daily access to. One is in your hands right now!

Writing isn’t lonely (anymore)

Writing is a group exercise. Video game writers work in teams. Movie writers work in teams. TV writers work in teams. Why not internet writers?

Writers have a lot to learn from designers

It will help you as a writer to observe and take notes from designers.

You're more alike than you think. You use the same parts of your brain.

And you'll learn a ton from them!

No more blank pages

There is no such think as a blank page anymore.

I mean this literally!

Your writing screen is the same screen that can display Google.

You’re already sharing your work!

Before phones and laptops, some people wrote letters to others.

Others would journal.

Most didn't do either.

The writing that we shared with others was scarce.

Now, we're constantly writing: texts, tweets, notes, lists, Facebook comments, IG captions, TikTok tags, etc.

Writing is easy and fun

Aspiring writers think of writing as sitting in a lousy wood chair over a typewriter, exhausted from thinking of what to write.

Action-taking writers know that writing is now a physical exercise. Walking, running, and lifting weights are where most of their writing is done.

Writing in the metaverse

A meta-verse writer's best tool is their focus.

In the physical world, a writer connects with an experience slowly; walking through a forest.

In the metaverse, a writer connects with an experience rapidly; 5 videos in 60 seconds on TikTok. They protect their focus ruthlessly.

Let’s get (meta)physical

The definition of writing is: "the act or art of forming visible letters or characters specifically.”

Writing online (using digital tools) is a massive capability leap from our previous iteration (pen and paper).

A plea to just start

Just start. Here's why:

Not starting = you feel regret and shame

Starting and quitting = you feel relief

Starting and finishing = you feel satisfaction

People pay good money for relief and satisfaction. Starting is free!

Until tomorrow,

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