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My name is Jake, and I’m an internet tinkerer.

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The goals of this newsletter are simple:

  • Tell stories that resonate and drive action

  • Share tools and resources to help builders

  • Develop frameworks to help us rethink how we design web content

As a consultant, I help solo founders, product teams, and creators reach product-market fit faster by designing content for their ideal users.

I distill my stories, tools, and frameworks from the field into digestible content you can use to build and grow your own products and services.

Paid members (launch planned for 2022!)

Content Design School is built and funded by you — the community.

Paid members get:

  • Link to apply to the CDS Discord as a builder or content designer

  • Twitter Bio & One-Liner Template using content design methods

  • 30-minute Crit Session where I’ll help you improve your

    • blog post

    • mockup flow

    • landing page

      or any other piece of content you’d like!

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